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November 8, 2018 to February 17, 2019

Wednesdays - Sundays (12PM - 7PM)


Kevin Sloan,  Modern Blindness

Kevin Sloan, Modern Blindness

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Welcome to CMATO’s inaugural exhibition at our new home at the Oaks. Step away from your everyday routine and venture into the mysterious Collection of Rarities created by American contemporary surrealist painter, Kevin Sloan. This exhibition, curated by CMATO’s Senior Curator, Lynn Farrand and Tish Greenwood, Executive Director is dedicated to the Conejo Valley region.


Jungleland, once a tremendously popular animal theme park in Southern California, meant that the early residents of Thousand Oaks had the opportunity to live closely with elephants, turtles, swans, camels, tigers, lions and many more animals from the wild kingdom. Now 50 years since Jungleland closed its facilities, CMATO brings a collection of wildlife back to our community - albeit only in our imagination And now, thanks to Kevin Sloan’s use of ‘allegorical realism’, an empathetic message of conservation and coexistence is an important element of our understanding of the natural world that surrounds us.

Kevin Sloan

Kevin Sloan is a Denver based painter whose work is characterized by a deep reverence for the natural world.

Sloan’s allegorical realism, a term he has coined to refer to his use of objects and environments that are painted in a realistic way but because of the inclusion of unexpected elements, the narrative in the work takes on an allegorical quality.

His work is found in numerous private and public collections worldwide including the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Phoenix Art Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, Tampa Museum of Art and the Tucson Museum of Art.

Dedicating this exhibition to the region also meant connecting with local artists to complement Sloan’s enigmatic Collection of Rarities. Local poets present powerful, often intimate, voices to Sloan’s subjects throughout the exhibition. Local artist, Karen Payton, brings Sloan’s symbols and patterns closer to us with her interactive installation, Forest of Wishes. And local educator, Laura PG Lewis and Brooke Sauer, with our talented intern, Julianna Heller, have developed self-guided art educational materials to engage with Sloan’s large scale paintings. As you will soon discover, the exhibition is a delight for the entire family.

CMATO believes that art is an important ingredient in the social fabric of the community.Now located in the heart of the Oaks mall, we are excited to extend our presence to new audiences.

Our museum is a place where ideas are shared and people connect. Be connected and take part in our journey to become a premier art museum in the region.

Tish Greenwood, Executive Director

Kevin Sloan,  An Accidental Tourist

Kevin Sloan, An Accidental Tourist

Accidental Tourist By Jennifer Kelley

 He’s so concentrated on precarious balance,

so hunched and preoccupied, like some batman villain,

that, at first, he doesn’t notice that it’s out of place:

the orange among the dunes.

 His first instinct is to pick it up, to peck past that careful skin

and set the juices free,

but none of that can be done without toppling everything.

Dr. Nancy-Jean Pément on Collection of Rarities

Rich collaborations require a spirit of openness that is without pride and imbued with a deeply held trust, especially among relative strangers. For poets in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, writing in response to the art of Kevin Sloan and working with the California Museum of Art, Thousand Oaks Executive Director, Tish Greenwood, and her colleagues, has been an honour. I know this may sound trite but I do not mean it to be. Indeed, it has been a wonderful privilege for poets across these counties to join forces with an artist the caliber of Kevin Sloan.

Kevin Sloan,  The Attraction

Kevin Sloan, The Attraction

Kevin Sloan, The Inevitability of Warmth

Kevin Sloan, The Inevitability of Warmth

Admit One

Admit One

What is Surrealism?

What paintings in this collection feature unexpected combinations that seem like something out of a dream? 

Surrealism is an art and literature movement that began in the 1920’s that valued imagination above logic- producing unexpected, poetic, and sometimes absurd results. Surrealism uses symbolism to convey meaning. A symbol is a picture that represents an idea. Symbolism can also be the combination of unexpected things, for example, what does it mean to have an elephant balancing on a china tea post in the middle o a meadow?

The Antiques

The Antiques

96 Springs

96 Springs

Our Gentle Giant

Our Gentle Giant

Ancient Guardian

Ancient Guardian


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